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Dummy rounds are nothing more than objects shaped like cartridges that will load into a magazine, chamber and eject but which have no powder and no primer. With modern arms and factory ammunition being as reliable as they are, unintended malfunctions are few and far between. Not to worry though. Dummy rounds provide a way to set up malfunctions so you can practice clearing them through the course of your training regimen. As such, when the firing pin strikes them, there is no chance of a negligent discharge.

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This makes them indispensable training tools, specifically in the realm of malfunction clearing. The slide is fully in battery meaning all the way forward , but the chamber is empty. When the trigger is pulled, there is a click from the hammer falling or the striker releasing, but nothing happens. This is a very common malfunction, and the main cause is the shooter forgetting to chamber a round. The next-most-common cause is the shooter failing to properly seat the magazine, which means that when the slide went forward, the cartridge on top of the magazine was too low to be stripped off and chambered.

Do a threat assessment; in the time it took to clear that malfunction, your adversary might have surrendered, run away or lost consciousness. If you always train to shoot at the end of the drill, you will probably do so on the street, and if your attacker is no longer a threat when you shoot, you could face prison, crippling lawsuits or both.

How to Set Up: Include a few dummy rounds when you load your magazines on the range. As you shoot, you will encounter the dummy rounds and can take appropriate action. This type of malfunction is caused by the slide not being in battery. Nothing happens, and the two primary causes are a spent cartridge case not fully ejecting or an empty magazine. A spent case stuck in the ejection port is often caused by limp-wristing the pistol. By properly rotating the gun, the spent case will fall out when you rack the slide. If the slide locks fully to the rear, you are out of ammunition.

When this happens:. How to Set Up: Set up for the first version of this malfunction by starting with a fully cleared pistol. Pull the slide to the rear enough to allow the dummy round to fit and insert it.

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The second type can be set up by loading only a few rounds into your magazines. A double-feed is a major problem caused by a spent case failing to eject and a new round trying to feed up into the chamber. How to Set Up: Lock the slide to the rear on an empty pistol. Insert a dummy round into the chamber and then insert a magazine loaded with dummy rounds into the pistol.

Press the magazine release to create the malfunction. Even in this age of high-tech polymer auto-loaders, there are still plenty of us who carry wheelguns, and I have to admit that, in the summer months, I carry a snub. One big advantage to revolvers is reliability, but one drawback to revolvers is they are usually limited to five or six rounds. If you carry a revolver for self-defense, you will need to be able to reload it quickly, and dummy rounds will let you safely practice combat-reloading your revolver.

Mistakenly grabbing a live round instead of a dummy round must absolutely, positively never happen.

As with all reload training, for safety purposes, ensure there is absolutely no live ammunition in the gun or even in the room. Reloading a revolver looks more complicated than it really is; with practice, you can be almost as fast reloading a revolver as you are with an auto. Since the release mechanisms of speedloaders vary, make sure to only buy one style of speedloader so you only have to master one technique.

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Loose change can get lodged between the cartridges and ruin your day. As you get more comfortable clearing misfires, you can add greater degrees of difficulty. Set up a double-feed in your pistol and run the course. This will give you experience clearing malfunctions under pressure and allow you to build your skills to the next level. Learn the steps and follow them in sequence; as they say, slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

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Product Highlights About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Millions of Americans have to train others as part of their jobs. Whether you're an employee training your co-workers on a new process or skill, a volunteer asked to train new volunteers, a chef training your staff, or a paramedic giving CPR training, it's just as important to know how to teach others as it is to know what you're talking about. It doesn't matter how much you know about your subject if you can't share it with others.

Training For Dummies will help you: Keep it interesting so trainees learn more eagerly Master the jargon of training Use audio and visual aids effectively Prepare for the training certification process Evaluate your results and improve your tactics Elaine Biech, President and Managing Principal of Ebb Associates, Inc. Based on her long experience as a trainer and her work for clients such as the IRS and many Fortune companies, Biech helps you discover: Tips, techniques, and tidbits for enhancing your training sessions Methods that improve trainee participation Alternatives to the traditional lecture method Tactics for gauging and managing group dynamics Strategies for addressing problems in the classroom Hints for understanding and adapting to different learning styles Helpful resources and other extra material you can put to immediate use No matter what you do for a living, there will probably come a time when you have to teach others what you know.

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