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The Golden Bells and Pomegranates. The Golden Plate. The Embroidered Coat. The Garments for Aarons Sons. The Linen Breeches. The Rearing up of the Tabernacle. The Consecration of the Priests. The Anointing Oil. The Ram for the BurntOffering. The Ram of Consecrations. The Food of the Priests. The Eighth Day Service.

Henry William Soltau - The Tabernacle, the Priesthood and the Offerings Articles (#) - BTP

The Law of the Burntoffering. The Day of Atonement. The Holy Linen Garments. The Offerings for Sin. Sprinkling the Blood upon the Mercyseat. Sprinkling the Incense Altar. The Burntoffering. Concluding Address. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. Allen P. The Ligure. The Agate. The Amethyst. The Beryl. The Onyx. The Jasper.

The Memorial. The Coverings.

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Pins and Cords. The Sabbath. The Priests. The Ephod. The Breastplate. The Sardius. Contained the candlestick, the table of shewbread and the altar of incense. The Most Holy Place Ex. Contained the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat.

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Entered only by the high priest once a year Lev. Sometimes just called the holy place Ex. Called the Holiest of all Heb. The Structure of the Tabernacle. The Materials Ex. The Framework Ex. The Covering Ex. The Veil Ex.

The Tabernacle The Priesthood and The Offerings by Henry W. Soltau

The Court Ex. The Gate of the Court Ex. The Colors Ex. Blue — Heaven. Purple — Royal. Scarlet — Blood.

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Gold — Redemption. White — Purity. The Furniture of the Tabernacle. Brasen Altar Ex. Picture of judgment and sacrifice. Laver Ex. Made of mirrors Ex. Picture of cleansing. Table of Shewbread Ex. On the north or right side on entering Ex. Contained 12 loaves Ex. Picture of word of God as the bread of life Deut. Candlestick Ex.

The Tabernacle Priesthood and Offerings

On south or left side. To burn continually Ex. Picture of illumination of God through the word and the Spirit. Altar of incense Ex. Before the veil. Pictures prayers of the saints Rev. Ark of the Covenant Ex.

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In the Most Holy Place. Contents Heb. Picture of the presence of God. Mercy Seat Ex. Sat on top of the ark. With two cherubim. The Qualification of a Priest. Blameless in person Lev. Holy in life Lev. Mature in years Num. Consecrated for service Ex. The Work of a Priest.

Generally, to approach God on the behalf of man Heb. To service the tabernacle. Burn incense. Trim the candlestick. Change the shewbread. Keep the altar fire burning Lev.

Remove the ashes. To offer sacrifices to God Ex. To judge causes Deut. To teach the law Lev. To make atonement for the people Lev. The Garments of the Priest Ex. Coat Ex. Robe Ex. Ephod Ex. Breastplate Ex. Girdle Ex. Mitre Ex.

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Crown Ex. Like Aaron. Taken from among men Heb. Represents man to God Heb. Offers sacrifices for sin Heb.