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All the recipes are sugar-free, dairy-free, vegetarian and vegan. In Porridge, Anni Kravi re-writes the porridge rule book, creating bowl food that will transform the way you eat breakfast forever.

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Chris Van Allsburg illustrates this ferocious, full-fanged father. The hirsute homeowners of Diane Stanley's up-to-date spinoff, ''Goldie and the Three Bears,'' are not nearly so threatening. Stanley, the prolific author-illustrator of ''Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter,'' as well as picture biographies including ''Leonardo da Vinci'' and ''Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam,'' here introduces a doe-eyed doll-child with golden ringlets and Raggedy Ann striped leggings.

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This Goldie knows exactly what she does and doesn't like. Her playmate Jenny is ''too boring,'' Penny ''too rough'' and Alicia ''too snobby. Goldie's adventure begins when she gets off the school bus at the wrong stop and rings a doorbell for help. No one is home of course. Inside, the table is set with lunch, and hungry Goldie finds an improved version of her favorite peanut butter sandwich -- a crustless ''revelation. Comfortable enough, in fact, to take the fated nap. Startled awake by the homeowners, Goldie encounters a girl bear in a blue dress.

But unlike her legendary namesake, this young housebreaker is enchanted by the cub, and soon the two are climbing trees and dressing up for a tea party.

Despite baby bear's otherness -- her all-over fuzz, pointy fingernails and rubbery black nose -- Goldie's new friend is ''just right! Such animated accessibility marks a departure from the sumptuous and sophisticated, painterly depictions in Stanley's biographies. She employs lighter strokes in ''Goldie,'' but the old tale of a towheaded trespasser is nonetheless effectively cast anew as a spirited fable of friendship.

Stanley's narrative cleverly summons Southey's triplicate rhetorical device ''too hot,'' ''too cold,'' ''just right'' , but Jim Aylesworth and the illustrator Barbara McClintock wholeheartedly hark back to tradition in their retelling. The two previously joined forces for folk tale remakes, including ''The Gingerbread Man'' and ''The Tale of Tricky Fox,'' both illustrated in the intricately drawn, old-fashioned elegance of this new collaboration.

Aylesworth's fine ear for rhythm and sound best exemplified in his sing-song rhyming alphabet book ''Old Black Fly'' , and his adept humor, are reaffirmed here. In this Southey-inspired version, Aylesworth injects an insightful twist, giving his 19th-century heroine memory failure regarding dos and don'ts.

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Children will quickly pick up the refrain: ''She forgot not to. Aylesworth cleverly restores her memory at the crucial moment; when the bears wake her, Goldilocks suddenly recalls that ''her mother had told her not to talk to strangers,'' and off she bolts in her pretty pink dress. McClintock has rendered a wonderfully avuncular ''great, huge papa bear'' in suspenders, and a zaftig mama in apron and ruffled collar. Baby Bear's tearful fuss over his damaged chair is drawn with hilarious affection.

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