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If you want to verify that a session value exists, simply check with isset :. This is no longer supported. The userdata method will NOT return flashdata items.

Stripe API Reference - Create a Session

The flashdata method returns NULL if the item cannot be found. You can either pass a single item or an array of flashdata items to keep. After the value expires, or the session expires or is deleted, the value is automatically removed. You can mark multiple items as tempdata in two ways, depending on whether you want them all to have the same expiry time or not:. If the expiration is omitted or set to 0, the default time-to-live value of seconds or 5 minutes will be used. The userdata method will NOT return tempdata items.

The tempdata method returns NULL if the item cannot be found. Both will work in exactly the same way:. This must be the last session-related operation that you do during the same request. All session data including flashdata and tempdata will be destroyed permanently and functions will be unusable during the same request after you destroy the session. This was due to the specifics of how sessions worked, but is now no longer necessary with our new implementation.

However, it may happen that your application relied on these values, so here are alternative methods of accessing them:. CodeIgniter will usually make everything work out of the box. However, Sessions are a very sensitive component of any application, so some careful configuration must be done. Please take your time to consider all of the options and their effects.

However, you should never rely on this behavior as it can cause unexpected results or be changed in the future. Please configure everything properly. In addition to the values above, the cookie and native drivers apply the following configuration values shared by the Input and Security classes:. Instead the HttpOnly parameter is always enabled, for security reasons. As already mentioned, the Session library comes with 4 drivers, or storage engines, that you can use:.

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By default, the Files Driver will be used when a session is initialized, because it is the most safe choice and is expected to work everywhere virtually every environment has a file system. Have it in mind though, every driver has different caveats, so be sure to get yourself familiar with them below before you make that choice. While we do listen to feedback from the community, we want to warn you that it was dropped because it is unsafe and we advise you NOT to try to replicate it via a custom driver.

Some of you will probably opt to choose another session driver because file storage is usually slower. This is only half true.

As the sessions count and server loads increase - which is the time when it matters - the file system will consistently outperform almost all relational database setups. In addition, if performance is your only concern, you may want to look into using tmpfs , warning: external resource , which can make your sessions blazing fast. This is a popular choice among many users, because it allows the developer easy access to the session data within an application - it is just another table in your database. Using sessions without locks can cause all sorts of problems, especially with heavy usage of AJAX, and we will not support such cases.

The format here is a bit different and complicated at the same time. Take note only of the path format in the link above. For the most common case however, a simple host:port pair should be sufficient:. This happens very rarely, but should be considered as it may result in loss of sessions. If you want to experiment with this feature on your own risk , simply separate the multiple server paths with commas:. You may also create your own, custom session drivers. However, have it in mind that this is typically not an easy task, as it takes a lot of knowledge to do it properly.

What is a PHP Session?

You need to know not only how sessions work in general, but also how they work specifically in PHP, how the underlying storage mechanism works, how to handle concurrency, avoid deadlocks but NOT through lack of locks and last but not least - how to handle the potential security issues, which is far from trivial. If you only want to add some extra functionality to your sessions, just extend the base Session class, which is a lot more easier. Read the Creating Libraries article to learn how to do that. Now, to the point - there are three general rules that you must follow when creating a session driver for CodeIgniter:.

This is just a basic class with a few internal helper methods. Implement the SessionHandlerInterface interface. Julie Satele. Jerry Douglass.

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