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The two women collide in this charged atmosphere, instantly understanding each other and what they went through as dedicated elite cellists. The tension between them is palpable — are they going to fight or kiss?

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Perhaps both? It would be unfair to share the shocking twists and turns that unfurl in long waves, sweeping the footing right out from under you. Lizzie is all id, Charlotte is the superego, and together, they make quite a pair.

Weber is also note-perfect as their sophisticated and demanding cello instructor. The wild ride in store is both supremely disturbing and unpredictable. About Us.

SUPER JUNIOR-M 슈퍼주니어-M '太完美 (태완미; Perfection)' MV Chinese Ver.

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Real Estate. MeToo was very much on the minds of its creators, and it ends with a feminist exclamation point.

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Each plot twist is a feminist statement. Stacey Reiss, one of the producers, said the movie was filmed right as Harvey Weinstein was being accused of sexual abuse he has pleaded not guilty and trial is set for September , and the creative team was well aware of the issues raised by his case. Like the church, it is an insular community that holds sway over young people.

The two characters can speak through their instruments, but are otherwise silent about their pasts and the costs of becoming stars. The story is told through seemingly unconnected chapters that take you from a concert in Shanghai to a bus ride through rural China that goes haywire, complete with a butcher cleaver and flesh-eating vermin, back to suburban Minneapolis and the music academy where the women each began — and where they eventually confront their teacher, played by Steven Weber. In the process, you figure out the horrors that were inflicted upon them in their quests to become artists.

For Williams, part of the appeal of working in horror is that women get a lot of opportunities to show their range and complexity.