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The book was made into a movie directed by Shiro Toyoda. Amis died in at the age of Barthelme was a postmodernist American author - he died aged 58 in - who had started as a reporter for The Houston Post. The reader is never told when or how he had transgressed. The Nobel Prize winner's renowned black humour is evident in these two short tales narrated by a pitiable vagrant.

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Beckett said of his tale: "I don't know why I told this story. I could just as well have told another. Bellow, the Nobel Prize winner who died in , wrote this novella about an ageing man who writes an apology for his rudeness, some three decades before, to a helpful librarian. Bellow was a worthy Nobel Prize winner. Borges was an Argentinian writer and poet who died in at the age of JM Coetzee said Borges "renovated the language of fiction". This short story is a semi-fictionalised account of Ching Shih's antics as a lady pirate who became an opium dealer. Bowles's most celebrated short story revolves around three members of the Filala tribe who make a fateful trip to the Sahara Desert.

Bowles, an American expatriate composer and writer, wrote the short story a year after his first novel The Sheltering Sky. He died in at the age of Calvino, the Cuban born novelist who died in aged 61, was brought up from the age of two in Italy and became one of that country's most distinguished writers. The short story is about two rivals who discover a treasure lost by the side of the road.

Camus took the title for this story from John and it's a tale of Janine and her husband Marcel and the frustrations of their life in Algeria. Camus, who died aged 46 in French Algeria in , wrote the story in the year he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. She arrives by bus in a small town in Alabama - on the same bus that will run her over a year later in the story.

This novelette, a playful and subversive retelling of a classic fairytale, conjures up a world of resourceful women. Cater, who was born in Eastbourne and died in at the age of 51, started out working on The Croydon Advertiser. This short story was originally published in Black Mask - an American 'pulp' magazine. Chandler re-worked some of the material in the story for his famous novel The Big Sleep. Chandler had been a fruit picker and tennis racket stringer to make ends meet before fighting in the First World War.

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Chandler died in California in aged 70, having published nearly 50 stories and created the private investigator Philip Marlowe. Chang, who was born in Shanghai in , died in America in at the age of 74 having lived there for 40 years. A film adaptation of the novel was made in by acclaimed Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan.

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Unusually, the hero of this story is a professional philosopher. The book also features a murder committed with a rapier covered in large red jewels. Chesterton, who was born in Kensington, London in , died at the age of 62 but left behind a vast output that included philosophy, poetry, plays, art criticism, novels and detective fiction, including the short and stumpy detective Father Brown. Youth is an autobiographical short story in a volume that originally included the seminal Heart Of Darkness. The main character, Marlow, tells of his voyage to the East on board the Judea, when he was This macabre story is about a troubled circus romance.

She died in , aged The highly original story is about how Babette spends her lottery win on a sumptuous feast that is ungratefully received. Drabble, who was born in Sheffield in , was a former actress turned writer, who is married to Michael Holroyd. The short story draws on his own history of addiction. One of the finest short stories in the English language, Babylon Revisited, written by F Scott Fitzgerald after the Great Crash, is an intensely personal portrait of a man who has squandered his life.

Fitzgerald died in Hollywood aged 44 in The book will be given away free with the Saturday 5th February edition of the Daily Telegraph.

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A chilling short story about the role of technology in our lives. Jackson died of a heart attack in aged only The eerie story is about a woman who goes mad on the way to see a dentist. This novella is considered one of Henry James's finest short stories about a man called John Marcher who believes a catastrophic event awaits him "like a beast in the jungle".

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The book will be given away free with the 6th February edition of the Sunday Telegraph. A ghost story set in the small decaying cathedral city of Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges, at the foot of the Pyrenees in France. It was written by English mediaeval scholar Montague Rhodes James, who died in , aged The tale of Lenehan and Corley, two men whose occupations are suspiciously vague, as they walk through Dublin after a day of drinking in a bar. Irish novelist and poet Joyce, one of the most influential modern writers, is best known for his landmark novel Ulysses.

He died in , aged Written in German, it is set in an unnamed penal colony with an elaborate device to torture and execute prisoners. Kipling, born in Bombay, died in London in aged The author of The Jungle Book , wrote They about a narrator who loses his way while out driving in Sussex and finds a mysterious mansion. The short story focuses on a dramatic moment in the life of Mrs.

Elizabeth Bates - the accidental death of her husband, Walter Bates. Lawrences's story was considered ahead of its time in terms of psychological analysis of a character. Lawrence, who wrote Sons And Lovers , died in aged Levi was born in Turin in The son of a middle-class jewish family, he was arrested in and deported to Auschwitz.

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The American writer from Rhode Island died aged 46 in Noted for his science fiction and fantasy writing, The Colour Out Of Space is about a mysterious outside force threatening his characters. English writer Lowry was a poet and writer best known for Under The Volcano. He died in in Sussex at the age of Lunar Caustic is set in the Bellevue Hospital.

She died aged 50 in New York in He is the Shakespeare of American geek culture, which, in effect, is American pop culture.

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The Waukegan-born writer is a popularizer of ideas so frequently plundered, subjects so unusual yet routinely picked at, reading The Stories of Ray Bradbury becomes a crash course in not just genre but what its modern voice sounds like. Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! The End of the Beginning. Read An Excerpt.

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