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Derek Rake is the founder of Shogun Method, the world's one and only dating system based on authentic Mind Control technology. I agree. Women need training these days as they no longer obey men, carry out their proper jobs of cleaning, cooking and childbearing. They have lost their way and need to be brought back to their destiny as God commanded. Training from birth should be mandatory to obey and serve, starting with fathers and brothers. Conditioning with rewards and punishment, the same way dogs are trained, would ensure total odedience.

Train Your Woman Like You Train Your Dog

This works like a charm on my girlfriend oh my gosh. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you're in town, come around for a cuppa and doughnut! For international locations, please contact us. This can be especially helpful if your dog seems to like your partner a bit too much. Watch for signs that your dog is stressed. Adjustments to your dog's environment, including the increased presence of your partner, may cause them to become stressed.

This is true even if they are friendly with your partner. Make sure your dog is not feeling uneasy if your partner is spending more time at your home by monitoring your dog's behavior closely. If these signs develop, make a point of spending more time with your dog and showing them more affection. Maintain the dog's schedule. Aside from spending consistent time with your dog, it's additionally important to help keep your dog's schedule stable.

Most simply, try to keep any routine you've established with the dog as closely as possible.

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For instance, if you walk and feed the dog at similar times every day, keep it up. For instance, if your dog is accustomed to spending three hours together hanging out every day, don't all the sudden reduce this amount to one hour. Instead, make sure you're still spending at least two hours together daily. Plan a pet and partner play date. One of the best ways to strengthen the bonds between the animals and humans in your life is by spending time all together. Try to choose activities that all parties will enjoy. For instance, if both your partner and your dog enjoy being active, go to the park for a game of long-distance fetch.

If you exclude your dog, they may be more likely to become jealous or resentful.

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Further, the more your partner and dog cuddle with each other, the better their own relationship will be. Keep realistic expectations. Don't force a relationship with your partner upon your dog. Similarly, don't insist that your partner falls in love with your dog too.

This means being patient, as well as understanding that both your dog's and your partner's wishes may be different than what you had initially hoped. In short, if they are slow to be affectionate towards one another, don't let this bother you. Instead, focus on maintaining a positive with each of them independently. In fact, the stronger your relationships with each one individually, the more likely they'll wind up falling for one another. Be clear about the rules your partner needs to follow. Communicate both your training regimen and the rules you expect your dog to follow early on in your relationship with a new partner or a new dog.

Further, note specific concerns you have as well.

Do Dogs Like Women Best? Understanding Canine Preferences

For instance, if you're training your dog not to jump up on people, direct your partner to ignore the dog and turn away when they jump up. Further, if you know your dog likes to bolt out the door when other people enter or exit your home, make sure your partner is aware of this. Express your own needs. Be explicit about what you want. While the rules that you need your partner to help you enforce may be easier to talk about, it's also important to share your desires.

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If a positive relationship between your dog and your partner is important to you, be sure to mention it. For instance, if your partner and your dog do not acknowledge each other and this bothers you, feel free to mention it. In this case, say something like, "It would really mean a lot to me if you could be more warm towards Lana Dog Rey. Address specific problems directly. The best way to deal with any issues that arise between a partner and your dog is by talking to your partner about it. If you notice your partner becoming inpatient around your dog, or your dog occasionally growling towards your doctor, ask your partner about it.

The more I know about how you feel about it, the more I may be able to help. Get professional help.

Get on their level

There are some issues that may indicate the dog needs more effective training. The fact of the matter is that a poorly-behaved dog can definitely be frustrating to deal with, even if their behavior doesn't bother you personally. Additionally, any prolonged aggression from your dog needs to be addressed before your dog snaps at your partner or another human. While a dog's aggression may be addressed through calm exposure to new people and experiences, a human's aggression towards animals should simply not be tolerated. Talk to your vet about different ways you can train your dog, or about how to look for a certified, experienced dog trainer.

Be willing to carry the responsibility of dog ownership. Ideally, you and a serious romantic partner will support one another's interests, including taking care of a pet. However, it's not necessarily fair to assume that your partner will want to help take care of a dog. If, for instance, they simply don't like dogs, you shouldn't expect them to want to watch your dog for you or take it on walks.

This may require you to do most of the chores involved with owning a dog, even if you share a home with an otherwise supportive partner. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Related wikiHows.