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Sand Toys and Water Play for Children

If conflicts arise, there are opportunities to practise problem solving. As part of the Belonging strand, they develop ideas about the limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour. This play idea has been developed for playgroups. Feel free to use it at other types of ECE service, but make sure you're still following the regulations and licensing criteria that apply to your service type.

Parents may also find this information useful. And, if you want to make sand paly into an art project, pour the colored sand into a clear jar in layers of different colors to create your own unique designs.

How to Play a Sand Shot

Kinetic Sand lets your children pull, shape, and mold sand into creative and colorful shapes that stick to each other without getting messy or making a mess of your home. It feels dry, but is easily moldable. Some examples for play using kinetic sand: use cookie cutters, write in the sand with a pencil or stick, make impressions in the sand with household objects or toys, build a snowman, sculpt an object, excavate army men or small dinosaur fossils, play kitchen, or use a plastic knife to slice the sand into chunks to practice fine motor and utensil skills.

Writing is often a tedious skill for children to practice, feeling trapped behind a desk when they would rather be playing. Have your children practice their writing skills in sand as part of their playtime.

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Build a sandcastle, then have them name it and write that name in the sand. Draw animals and have them write the names of those animals.

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Or have them write their own name and age in their sandbox. Your children may also enjoy writing about their favorite activities, what they want to eat for dinner, or what they want to play next in the sand.

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Consider how a young child plays in a backyard sandbox. She digs around with her hands in the sand, perhaps incorporates a few toys or characters in her play, and shapes her sandbox world without a clear goal or endpoint in mind.

Dinosaur Game

Playing in a sandbox is a multisensory experience that is free and unstructured. Open-ended play experiences have the potential to engage us no matter what our age.

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But for little kids, especially, open-ended play offers a chance to explore their world in ways that are often out of reach to them, in part because of their […]. Along with cooking skills, kitchen play can help kids learn […]. With all the time kids see adults in the kitchen, it makes sense that cooking and food would enter into their pretend play.

Have a few […]. How to stock your sandbox Stock your sandbox with tools that your kids can use in a variety of play scenarios: kitchen tools transportation-related items materials to make ramps small wood boards or cardboard work molds of shapes small buckets other natural items like stones, twigs, fossils and shells.