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Ending the Drug Addiction Pandemic: Discovering the Liberating Truth corrects disinformation about psychoactive drugs. James R. Milam, Ph. After the war, Fire in my Hands: Through the Land of. Our dog, Luna, loves the harness as well. I have the soft and sweet harness for my pit bull mix, who has sensitive skin. I already have two, walk your dog with love harnesses and leashes. I love them. Thanks for a great product. No one is a bigger fan of Walk your Dog with Love than I am. I have referred many people, both friends and strangers.

Your wonderful harness has been life changing! Your gear has thus far been top notch and the only acceptable in our household at this time. I would like to comment on your zen hipster belt. That type of belt makes a world of difference, producing a peaceful and trustworthy communication. I love mine got it a few years back. Just love it. I tell everyone I meet to get one. Our dogs have your harness and my 11 year old is walking her Golden Retriever on her own. Purchased my all in one harness with integrated leash 1 year ago!

Still love it. Holding up well I love the fabric. Dirt and sand brushes right off and it dries quickly. We love the harness! We have used front clip harnesses before but Walk Your Love Harness really did cut down the pulling tremendously! We are very excited about it. I can't say enough good things about your products, particularly the harnesses and the flea and tick repellent, which by the way helps to prevent midges bites on humans, whilst being walked by their dogs!!!!

I really love all of your products and use them on my furry Bairns with no side effects, as the flea prevention has been really great for my Bairns, Teddy Boo and Freddie Mercury. Thank you for your great service. Thank you for your prompt attention. My wife is happy with the all-in-one harness and leash together, my dog seems to do well with it.

Great products and helpful staff. I tell all my dog friends about you. We do like the harness as he has a very sensitive trachea. The harness has been wonderful. He has been wearing the harness since September I love the harness and it has helped so much. I LOVE these harnesses. I weigh pounds, and I foster large breed dogs for my local rescue. These harnesses have been a life and shoulder saver! This is truly the BEST harness You run a good business and have good products. So glad we found you many years ago at Lincoln Center.

We'll be back. We enjoy our 5 mile walks every day. She is a great dog, but your harness is lifesaver. I am so happy I found this. These are great. We have had one for our dog at every age. He walks like a dream. I have this harness for my dog, and it is a total game changer. She pulls without it, walks like a dream with it. These are great!

Turned my walk with my golden from a pulling contest to a pleasant experience. We have one and love it! So easy to put on and stops the pulling! I bought the 3ft x 1in leash in purple a couple of months ago and loved it! I love the length of the 3ft because every other seller only has 2ft which is too short or 4ft which is too long , 3ft is just right for me! Love this harness!! I use it on my Golden Retriever. It really does work! Best ever for product and service. The harness is the best of all harnesses ever tried for ease of use and dog control.

And add the ZEN belt and you have it made. Totally amazing! He can now go out in public and not look like a banshee! I use them on all 4 of my rescues, shelties escape artist and Bichons who love to walk me and I have been a fan forever. The leash is nice and well made but it is too long for me. These front harnesses are fabulous! I was afraid that she would seriously injure herself and that I wouldn't be able to hold her. A trainer suggested this harness would do the trick. I'll never forget the look on her face when she took off after a deer and suddenly found herself looking back at me instead, lol.

Walks like a dream now! These are wonderful… got one for my Papillon Sassie… she was such a puller and this helped tremendously. I have two large Labs, and it was impossible to walk both at one time. They are well-behaved and well trained, but still pulled on a leash. They love them as well, because they are not being pulled at the neck. It is so easy to put on and take off. You will NOT be disappointed with it! My lb Great Pyr walks very nicely on a leash And there is a lot of danger here in bucolic Cape Cod. This harness has been a god-send for me. It's the only thing I've tried that keeps him from dragging me behind him as he saves me from danger.

I bought one of these harnesses during the last BFDR fundraiser for my 80lb Husky and it does help, doesn't stop his pulling completely but it does help. We invested in this for our BFD adoptee. She is a hyper-dominant, startlingly strong Basenji mix. Honestly made a huge difference! The pulling and lunging have almost completely stopped. My wife and I really appreciate your Company and products.

We switched from the Sportso doggo harnesses to the Neo's recently. The Neo has been a great answer. I have purchased two front leading harnesses one in purple and a bright pink one with a collar to match in the past ,and we love them I would not be able to walk my golden retreiver without the harness it was a god send for me. I am looking through the beautiful colours you can order now for another one for my lovely Chloe. We have purchased 2 for both dogs!

I LOVE the harnesses.

Harvey the Houdini Husky: A Dog’s Tale

Even though they are 10 lbs, they are strong!! Hopefully they purchase. At long last walking my dog is a dream, as much as I love walking Lulu, it was always a struggle and not enjoyable. I received the harness two days ago and am amazed at the difference it has made in walking Lulu. I have bought many different harnesses for her, all tie from under the neck and none of them have been successful, mostly a bad fit, and she was still pulling.

Great quality product also. I just wanted to let you know that the person who's doing some training with my Sweet Annie who is 17 lb of terrier Chihuahua Dachshund craziness loves the walk your dog with love harness and I think somebody from their retail store may have contacted you about getting one some weeks back when they saw it on Annie. It's perfect it does everything it's supposed to do and she's comfortable and walks like a princess. Glad to be able to spread the love a little.

My nutty dog is happy with the harness, seems comfortable, walking as well as I can expect. Been using the original for a year. Walking my strong cattle dog is a joy - no pulling at all and she hasn't backed,out of it either! Ordering the soft and sweet harness today so I have a backup when it needs cleaning or gets wet. A friend who is a dog groomer was given this harness by one of her clients. I tried it on Penny and talk about a world of difference… even first trip out. We received our order yesterday and appreciated getting it so quickly.

We ordered the Zen belt and love it, so would like to get another now that know first hand how great it is. Thanks again for your great service and great products. Really loving the harness for my little puller. Lime green is awesome on my little black doggy. Arrived promptly. Good quality. Perfect for my Springer Spaniel. I purchased your harness that you hook a leash to and love it.

I am considering buying the NEO with the leash already attached. This works super for my energetic and friendly Lab mix. He is a big derp and needs as much help as he can get. I purchased 2 harnesses and a leash in We have absolutely loved them! My dog now needs a little bigger size. The Sportso harnesses have been a game changer for our easily-excited puppies!

We are so impressed by your customer service and generous replacement policies. Thank you for making our walks so enjoyable! Our golden doodle Maxine has outgrown her first Original Dog Harness and we attempted to walk her from just the collar and it did not go well. We love how well your harness works so we will be getting her the next size up.

Love, love, love these harnesses! And most importantly so do my two puppinos! I recently ordered a harness with the add on matching leash. Great company and amazing customer support! I recommend them to everyone I see with a dog. Your harness is the only one that will stop her from pulling us. I purchased your harness and it has made a big difference with a pulling dog.

He is a rescue and very, very friendly. Our black lab has been using this amazing harness for the past few years. My daughter bought a harness at the Springfield MA Exposition in and we like the harness very much. Snoopy is a beagle and we had problems with her escaping out of her harness and run away. This harness has been much more dependable! I love your harnesses I've gotten other pups in our litter wearing them, too. My dog has had one of these harnesses for 4 years now.

We both love how light and comfortable they are. We love our harnesses and would not use anything else. Was amazed! This truly works on my husky. I have no idea why this harness works when none of the other front pull harness have, but it was an instant transformation for Townsend! The harness is the second one we have used with my dog, we have found it very easy to use.

The harness is outstanding in quality of build and really, truly works as you advertise. Thanks for keeping product quality and customer satisfaction your top priorities! He is my third dog with your harness. I met you at The BigE years ago. I am truly a "Raving Fan"! My dog is perfectly behaved and was NOT when I got him at 3.

I walk him 5 miles per day in town with his 6' leash simply draped over my hand. This was the only harness that worked for our Weimaraner. It was this product which allowed my youngest daughter to walk our dog safely. I ordered one of your harnesses awhile back and we love it! I bought one 4 years ago for my Aussie. Now I'm buying one for my Saint. Love this harness the first time. Expecting same result. My Saint hates the gentle leader. We sadly lost our beloved pooch and proud wearer of your harnesses Tucker, last summer.

We now have a little fella, Murphy, who isn't big enough yet to inherit Tucker's old ones, so I'm back again for a new size. Thanks again for making a great product. My husky loves it!


Stylish and no pull or choke. Easy to adjust and fit to the dog, and worked great on the first try. It just seems so light and simple and makes walking easy breezey. Great Harness for your dog. Very well made. Good choice for your dog. Used our harness for the first time today I have only ever used your harnesses for my dogs. They are the best. Excellent quality and my dogs love them. So easy to put on, especially after watching the you-tube video This harness works great! This is my second order. My daughter borrowed ours for her pup. Loves it so much she never gave it back.

I kind of figured that was going to happen. Her German Shorthair was a major puller! Not anymore. Love the harness and leash, but there is no purple in the rainbow. Thank you so much. We love your harnesses and all three of our dogs wear them! I received it today! This harness has worked wonders for my husky! Now for the chihuahua mix This is the third harness we have bought from you. It does work really well on my golden retriever.

Great- was able to hike for 2 hours with my cagey Vizsla without my torso being yanked around! This is a great company! We have several harnesses. We use them for running, swimming, paddle boarding and biking. This was life changing and made it a joy instead of painful to walk my pulling dog. Does the job. It has greatly reduced my dog's pulling. We recently made some great quality of life improvements with some of the best Giant Breed items currently on the market.

It was easy to size and order. What surprised us most is how much it changed our walks. We also get lots of comments on how nice it looks! And and and.. I could talk forever about this amazing product. I love my "walk your dog with love" harness, lead and especially the hands free belt. It's been a tremendous help in having pleasurable walks with my Porkchop. Great for my big lunk of pounds loveable but stubborn. People in my neighborhood notice that his manners are improved using this device.

Let me say that your harness is fantastic. I absolutely love it. This will be my third harness as I feel I need the next size up. My dog is a four year old Golden Retriever, who had it not been for Walk Your Dog With Love, would have had to be rehomed as she was just too strong for me even as a puppy. I have since recommended this harness to countless others explaining its virtues. We bought your harness after a recommendation as we had tried everything else to control our very rambunctious 70 kg Great Dane. Needless to say, it absolutely transformed dog walks for us.

Love my bright orange harness and bright orange leash, especially at night! My pups love them. Love it!!! This halter has made my wild man a lot more controllable and my lady more comfortable walking around cars. I purchased my first two harnesses in Oct. They now have outgrown them. I thought I had read somewhere that you offer a discount when purchasing again in a larger size. Is that true. I am ready to order two more harnesses now!

They are great! Thank you. Strong harness and sturdy leash, the purple is brighter than i like. My dog seems comfortable and is walking well, even my neighbor asked if we got training! My second pup received the hand-me-downs as I loved the concept of your harnesses. I appreciate the business I've done with you for the past two years.

I have bought from your company before. Love the product. I have used walk my dog with love harness on my big girl for years. It is good to know they have this. She is 13 years old. We got one on vet recommendation for our 67 lb Golden. Good product would recommend it! Just got the bigger one with embroidery since he is almost full grown now.

I was given a harness for a Christmas gift for our dog. Today was the first day we had tried it out for a walk, and it was great. Fabulous harness to get dog under control! This harness is the best! It worked like a charm to get him under control! After 8 years, the clasp broke, so had to buy a new one. But hey, 8 years It seems to be working, the dog likes the harness. We have a 4 year Yellow Lab who has used your harness since he was a puppy and we love it!

Thank you so much for making a great product. I have a very energetic 1 yr. Old lab mix. She is a puller and in order for us to both enjoy our walks a no pull harness is necessary. The only problem being that she also likes to chew and was chewing through her harnesses. This harness has a very simple design and doesn't look like much but it is the only harness comfortable enough for her to wear, that she doesn't bother chewing it off.

Arrived quickly, nice packaging. I like the Lime green. Works well on my Puggle. It is really sweet, I made sure to equip them all with the bright harnesses I recently purchased. These harnesses are simply magical! I just wanted to let you know that many of my clients are purchasing your harness. Julie just bought one for Karma, her 5 yr. I am dog sitting her for a week and I am so thankful that she took my advice. I don't think Karma has been walked a lot. She responds very well to the harness. I have two dogs, and the harnesses have helped with training, walking, and overall care.

I was a little skeptical at first, but after giving it a try, I am excited to say We have a 60 lb lovey that pulls your shoulder out at times!! Not any more!! Praise the Lord! The first try was interesting As if she is a well trained doggie. LOVE This!! Thank you for the invention!

Highly recommended. Superb product and superb service. So good I ordered another harness from them! This harness really does work and the customer support - videos and prompt reply to emails - is exceptional. What a wonderful invention I cannot believe the difference I am actually beginning to enjoy walking my dog again!! Love your outstanding customer service and deep discounts for the puppy upgrade AND your generosity with the Chew Relief!

Walk Your Dog With Love is woof-somely awesome! I highly recommend products from this company. The collar was easy to adjust and easy to put on. Instructions are provided, both written and in an online video. Everything comes with a replacement guarantee. I really like our new harness as it's simple to use, yet very effective. I had tried some others for our Standard Poodle and this is the best.

Thanks so much for the new harness! It fits and Eddie is so happy! So am I. I am spreading the news. We really appreciate your great commitment to your customers! I knocked out 3 miles with a 6kg baby strapped to me. So much easier to walk Ron with his new harness!

A whole different experience! This is a brilliant design for dogs who pull. I have one for my large Doberman cross and she's brilliant on it. I have recently bought one for my very excitable Border collie as the next step from a nose strap happy leader he is excellent on it. You have a great product that has really worked for us, and we will continue to be customers in the future! Makes a positive difference whether the dog pulls or not. Both my dogs have great manners while using this harness. I Recommend. This is by far, the best harness out there!

My lb. It changed our lives. Took 5 days to get to me in Arizona. Have not tried it yet. My dog is really difficult in general. Hope it works. I recommend these harnesses to everyone, we have found them to be great. I love how easy it is to steer him in his harness and how soft the leash is.

Ollie just turned two, my precious little man! Thanks for a great product! It changes my life, so much easier. I have 5 harnesses for my dog and this one is the best! Love it. Excellent, no complaints at all! I have spent a fortune on different leads and collars over the years and this is the only one I've found that is kind and doesn't allow her to pull!

They are amazing harnesses, they changed my life and dog walking has become a pleasure rather than a pulling battle. Thank you for such excellent customer service. We received our harness today and I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference it made on our walk! Though I think I still have some adjusting to do in order to get the right fit, I am very impressed! Terrific harness, really making leash training my nervous rescue much easier. We thank you. This is the best solution for a dog that pulls on the leash. We have tried so many other things and this actually worked.

Dog walks are so enjoyable now where they use to be a struggle. Is easy to put on and comfortable for our 70lb dog. Love it! I have been using this harness for my three dogs, for two it is working great, one still pulls but not as much. I am pleased and satisfied with the product. Our dog, Connor, is a 9 month old lab mix. He is energetic and strong. I had been using a top-attach harness for our daily walks.

The larger he grew, the stronger he became. It was becoming difficult to reinforce good walking formwhen he reached 60 pounds, it was all I could do to hold onto the leash with two hands.

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Training was difficult, and I didn't want to resort to a choke or pinch collar. What a game changer! Once I got the fit right, it was a night and day difference. He now walks nicely without forging and pulling. At first, he would start to forge ahead, but the pressure of the harness on his chest would turn him toward me. After a few walks he has made a habit of walking by my side with a loose leash! Now we can enjoy our walks and I can focus on praising and reinforcing his good behavior, and that's really the way I want to train. It's also super easy to put on, no more rolling and bucking puppy to struggle with while picking up paws and fastening buckles like a cowboy in a calf roping competition.

Best harness ever! Walking a 71 pound Goldendoodle can be challenging and we own a plethora of harnesses, collars and leads. Took our first walk with it yesterday and O M G what a difference!!!! Frankie was a different dog with this harness! NO more hanging on for dear life! We encountered several dogs along the way and Frankie was a gentleman the entire time. We even recommended it to another dog owner we met with a young, energetic doodle of his own!

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Super easy to put on, even too easy as I kept thinking "it can't be that easy". Great quality halter and matching lead. Wish I'd gone with the brighter color because the jewel tones are gorgeous in person. I cannot believe how wonderful this harness is! I have tried other harnesses with no luck, but this one I have a 6 year old German Shepard, Brutus, who I adore, but when we go for a walk he will bolt and lunge if he sees another dog or God forbid, a cat. This harness seems to keep him calm. I am so glad I heard your commercial on the radio I tried various non-pull harnesses and was recommended this by a dog trainer and WOW I can now walk my Cocker without dislocating my shoulder!

She is a monster on a regular leash. I really cannot walk her properly without your wonderful product. She is a big puller when walking on free lead i. Thanks again for this fabulous product. Using this harness was like walking a different dog. No more pulling! This product does exactly what it says it does. For 9 years my husband always had to walk the dog because he pulled so hard.

What a joy it was to finally be able to walk him myself after we got this harness! Now we have a very excitable puppy, who is impossible to walk on a leash without the harness. I recommend this harness to everyone who has a dog! Never thought this simple thingy would make such a big difference in my dog walking. We are all much happier now, and enjoying walks again. My dog is very strong and this product makes walking my dog more enjoyable.

Just turned a year and I estimate him at lbs or more! Best harness ever. Walking my newly rescued young big strong dog is sooo much easier now thanks to the Zen Hipster Belt! I ordered a second one to keep in my camper so I have one available at all times. I have one of your harnesses I love it. I have had it on a few of my dogs, my newest puppy is a Lab-Mastiff 90 lbs and still growing. Customer for life!

I do believe he walks with a sprightlier step and a merrier twinkle in his eyes! We love your company. He wants to add: "Woof, woof.

Huskies Hear Elks Bugling

And Arf! Labrador puppy was pulling on her lead.

Harvey the Houdini Husky

This harness was recommended by a friend who uses one for her dog. What a difference. I can actually walk my dog rather than him walk me. Changed our lives. I purchased this harness for my yellow lab. When I first tried it on him, it seemed small. After emailing with the company about a return, they encouraged me to adjust the fit based on their suggestions.

After doing so, I think the harness fits much better. My main concern was that it doesn't rub under his armpits like other front-clip harnesses do. So far so good! It works fantastically well. My wife and 9 year old can actually walk Rusty now, he walks right beside them. I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the dog harness I recently bought from you. The best I have ever bought, it really does work. My dog walks happily beside me now instead of pulling me along. I wish I had had this for my previous dogs. I will definitely be recommending this to other people.

Also impressed with how quickly it arrived. Thank you very much. Just wanted to say thanks. I will definitely order from you again. This is the best harness for my big growing 7 month Husky! It is such a pleasure to walk him with this on, no more pulling and a lot more secure. We bought the harness in September and he has been growing with it. Yesterday, we received our lb harness my wife purchased for our 10 month old, lb Newfie. We made all the adjustments and got him situated in it and then took him out for a test run.

Immediately there was a difference. He used to constantly pull his leash taut and choke himself with it while trying to get to the truck or even just to go out and potty. Months of attempting to teach him not to pull had not made a dent in this behavior, but we stuck this harness on him and instantly he was a new dog. Today was more of the same. He was very well behaved on the harness and was learning very quickly. We were super impressed!

We love our harness. Amazing customer service is hard to come by these days and it is appreciated, I will be telling everyone I know to get one. We love the Sportso Harness and it works tremendously with our 9 month old grand-dog, Hope! Your product, customer service and team are exceptional. Kudos to all of you!

Misplaced the harness for a couple days, went back to the old system. What a huge difference! I couldn't believe what we were dealing with before. Made us realize how good this harness really is. We found it thankfully! I love this NEO harness. More important, my Furkidz love it. I'm owned by two Basset Hounds, and I'm handicapped. Had to hire a dog walker.

I enjoyed our walks. Then I discovered this harness and we go for walks again! They outweigh me by 30lbs. No pulling, no choking, no harming their necks. They're SO happy that we go for walks again. I like the all in one harness, but you may prefer the more traditional leash attach one. If you have a question about putting on the harness, just call the manufacturer and they are very helpful and pleasant.

I have 3 beagles that wear your harness. I wish I could give you a hug. I have shared your website a number of times on my Facebook page. I got mine yesterday and walked my dog with it right away. I felt like I was walking a toy poodle instead of a 90 pound Doberman. It's a breeze to take them for a walk. Love your products. Will order few now. Wish we knew earlier but happy we found your product:. We have a number of your products and love them. We have also recommended and gifted them to a number of others, they all like them also.

So far, I am more than pleased with my purchase! I am a long time dog and horse owner. He is a smart dog. In this case, owner who was not thinking long term. Henry has never been the problem.

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It has been my training errors. Henry is still an intelligent, beautiful, well trained dog but who sometimes pulls when on leash. Got this harness. Zero pulling. Am still mystified. Worked wonderfully for me. I am a nationally recognized and published dog trainer and writer as well as pet product spokesperson and on-camera pet expert and have purchased quite a few harnesses over time from you. I like yours for the smaller dogs since your main competition Easy Walk has very thin straps for smaller harnesses that are not as comfortable for the dog and the clasps are small and hard to work, especially for older hands.

Got it today! Wow what a difference! Best our puppy has walked in weeks. Only tried it once so far, but not sure if it's working. My dog pulls less but I feel like I have to steer him. He was pulling her and causing her to fall a few times while walking because he was not trained well on a leash. The harness we got from you guys is amazing!! She has total control walking him now and she enjoys walks instead of dreading taking him out!

Thank goodness I found this product for her! I got this harness for our Golden Retriever and it is the best. In the past we had to get her to "step " into other harness but no more! It is secure, easy to use and makes long walks more enjoyable for all! Thanks for a great American made product. I love this harness and company.

I have a mini Aussie who is out of control, and I got the sportso doggo harness and it controls his crazy need for herding and playing with other dogs when we are walking and on the road! Thank you walk your dog with love!! I use your harness for my 80 pound Lab and I love it. I love your products and I am happy to be a repeat customer! I would never put Noel in a different harness to walk her in because she loves it so much.

Thank you for your great products and I am so impressed with the technology and how it works perfectly for her. Great for Puppies. Easy to get on and off puppy. Great quality. Can scoop young puppy up if have to without hurting her. I have two large Chows that love to pull when I take for a walk. It was a breeze to take them for a walk. I highly recommend this harness. Just wanted to start by saying the harness is amazing.

CBD Calming Dog Chew Treats - 50 Chews

Without a doubt. We have been using your harnesses since you began and they are the best! You let me try the harness at a dog show at the big E many, many years ago and have been sold ever since. I actually bought a second harness for my 12 yr old rescue. He really was comfortable too. This harness revolutionized walking my dog! Great Lead. This works great for a dog that needs some control from pulling.