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This novel is a quick and easy read, but I do feel like there were a lot of unanswered questions and secrets that i will read the second book just to find out the conclusions. From what I saw of the characters I did like them. They fit their individual roles well.

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This will make more sense once you get to the end of the book. I liked how we learned a little bit about each character, and have just enough information on them to peak interest in that character. I think my favourite character was Crazy Dude, he seemed like a really fun "guy" and I can't wait to see more of him. I feel that once I know about each character i cold grow to like them more.

Overall, Digitus was a good read. I feel that the second book will be even better than the first, especially after that cliffhanger. I actually thought that my Kindle messed up because it ended right in the middle of a sentence.

I will most likely read book two to see what happens with that. I would recommend this book to those big on conspiracy theories. May 31, S. Molteni rated it it was amazing. Emerson is the author's debut offering and what an offering it is! This story grabbed me from the first page and I could not put it down.

With a mix of suspense and added moments of laughter, this book delivers a great story without sex or violence. The characters are believable and the plot is well-developed. It begins with Zander, the son of wealthy parents, flying to Camp Digitus - a camp for future leaders of the world. His brother, Zeph stows away on the plane in the ca "Digitus " by K. His brother, Zeph stows away on the plane in the cargo hold and ends up in South America. Meanwhile, Zander and several other "camp Digitus attendees" are ejected out of the plane and land in the Arctic.

The plot thickens as things are not what what they appear to be leaving Zander and Zeph thoroughly entwined in a world-wide conspiracy of "Big Business" ruling the the planet. Definitely makes you think about what corporations are up to these days. The cliffhanger ending was not what I had anticipated or wanted. I had hoped for a nice stand alone ending. But, that just makes me more eager to read the next book in the series.

This is one that I would highly recommend to all age groups. Well done, Ms. Nov 09, Nicole Storey rated it liked it. I will admit that I was lost at the beginning. I wasn't sure of Who and Why. Towards the middle of the book, I began to understand more. The characters are well-written as far as personalities go but I can't say that any certain one is my favorite.

Maybe because there are so many and I didn't feel like I got to really connect with them. This book wasn't for me but I am giving it 3. As you can see 3. As you can see by other reviews, there are many people who enjoyed the story and I would recommend it to those who love conspiracy theories and adventure.

I do wish more information had been shared and a bit sooner in the story. However, I must give props for the cliffhanger. Some stated they did not care for it but I thought it was a brilliant way to end the book. I do believe this author will be successful and I will keep an eye out for more of her work. Jan 29, Wendy Hines rated it it was amazing.

Set in the future, Digitus is jam-packed with adventure, suspense and memorable characters. That's not to leave out the vividly drawn backgrounds - the settings all seemed so real. The characters are mostly teenagers, but they are on point - modern, realistic and some of the dialogue will have your crinkling as you smile. However, the threat is all too real and Zeph has his hands full if he hopes to find Zander before it's too late.

With a power hungry corporation in charge with some freaky Set in the future, Digitus is jam-packed with adventure, suspense and memorable characters. With a power hungry corporation in charge with some freaky mind control, it's not going to be easy for Zeph to uncover their plan or free his brother.

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Although Digitus started out a bit slow, it didn't dawdle long and soon picked up the pace. Almost impossible to put down as the story twisted in surprising directions, Digitus sets a great precedent for the rest of the series. Highly recommend for adults and teens alike. Jan 08, Lana rated it it was amazing Shelves: e-books.

Best Rollercoaster Ride Yet!! This is the most exciting book I have read in years! If you want to read a book that makes your pulse run faster, cause your hair to raise on your arms, hold your breath, make your heart pump faster, get sea sick without being at sea, feel frozen though you are warm, and keep you on the edge all the time this is definitely the book for you. It is full of possible truths and hair raising excitement as each of the characters has to face their fears and strengths and com Best Rollercoaster Ride Yet!!

It is full of possible truths and hair raising excitement as each of the characters has to face their fears and strengths and come together to stay alive. Can they do it?

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Can they work together to do what they have to do including saving their lives and the lives of others? You will have to read the book to find out for yourself. OMG what a ride!! May 25, S. Wallace rated it it was amazing. Zander and a group of teens is sent to northern icy Alaska while his brother, Zeph, ends up in tropical South America. Will they survive the challenges placed before them? And what in the world is going on anyway? That's exactly what these teens want to know and what one of them will learn. Kudos to K. Emerson for leading readers through twists and turns without getting us lost.

Digitus will thrill YA readers while causing them to think about the current state of the world. As a teacher, I Zander and a group of teens is sent to northern icy Alaska while his brother, Zeph, ends up in tropical South America. As a teacher, I highly recommend this book to children in upper elementary school and up who are looking for adventure. Feb 25, Crissy rated it it was amazing. I can honestly say I have never read a book anything like Digitus With that being said, it was definitely a fantastic read.

I could not put this book down from the moment I picked it up and completed it in 2 days. This story will take you on an amazing journey with characters you will love. I recommend this book for any and every one.

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You will not be disappointed. I love reading thrillers full of mystery, suspense but can still make you laugh. I find it makes the book lighter but still keep I can honestly say I have never read a book anything like Digitus I find it makes the book lighter but still keeps the seriousness of the situation. This book will make you wonder, What if? I am excited to see what Author K. Emerson has in store for the next book and future books in this series Jan 16, Dominique Goodall rated it it was amazing. This knocked The Hunger Games right out of the running for me and that's one of my favorites!

Adventurous kids much, much more courageous than THIS reader Well done and well-deserving of these five stars! Dec 17, Grace rated it it was amazing Shelves: must-read , indie-authors. Totally loved Zeph's and Jackson's character. Even though you could strangle Zeph at time, you also want to cuddle and protect him. Google is awesome and Zander, well Zander is Zander. Awesome book. Really grabs the reader May 22, Marie Godley rated it it was amazing.

A great book with many delights. It has mystery, spy stuff, teenagers with special powers, a crazy monkey and a sinister brain washing fairground ride. All that without overdone violence or swearing - it is a great book for teenagers BOYS and girls and their parents. Jan 16, Sherrill Willis rated it it was amazing. What a fun book! Had edge-of-your-seat action, wonderful characters my favorite was Google and lots of twists and turns. Anyone who liked The Hunger Games would enjoy this book. Dec 31, Candace rated it really liked it.

I won this book in a contest, and I'm appreciative of that fact.

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I hardly win anything! Okay, here's my review: This is why I'm rating the book four actually 3. There's nothing wrong with YA or Middle Grade books, per se; it's just that I would have like to have known that, and might or might not have passed on it. That said, most of this is very well written. The plot is inventive and holds your interest as a real page-turner. The pace is brilliantly executed once the story gets rolling.

That part was most impressive. There were some lovely phrases and passages that I highlighted because I liked them. Here's just one that doesn't cause a spoiler: "As the water receded, so did his tears. Ten years passed, cementing the ducts of his eyes closed. Jun 20, Joey Paul rated it it was amazing.

Two brothers, one desperate to be chosen and the other tagging along without being invited end up on different sides of the fight, with Zander doing what it takes to survive after being ejected from an aeroplane and left in the Arctic and Zyph doing what it takes to find his brother, bring him home safely and tell the world the truth about what is actually going on with their kids. D Emerson is an excellent writer, who brings both a fresh perspective and enticing characters to this great story. Again, please welcome our good friend K.

She is an awesome author and her book Digitus is out now. Transfixed in place, Zeph watched as four teenagers shot out into space and then one more time the door in the ceiling opened. He recognized his brother Zander as the airplane seat came through the opening and then propelled out into the blue and white sky. Whoa, how crazy is that? The Fantastic Four and my older brother just shot out of a perfectly good Learjet. In shock, Zeph stood staring numbly at the floor of the tube.

He slammed his hands against the tube and then froze in place; his mind whirled in panic. What kind of crazy camp was this? He understood survival camps, but this was nuts. His heart thumped madly in his chest, pumping blood to his throbbing head. I have to do something! He forced himself to think.

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Those seats had to have parachutes. A blood curdling scream ripped through the air. Jackson was on his feet and out of the cave before the rest of them had time to look up. They tore off up the snow bank. Jackson crested the rock outcropping and disappeared behind it. Zander felt his feet pounding beneath him, slipping and sliding on the ice. He left Quinton behind and passed Lana swiftly. In the distance he saw Google backing away from a large white bulk.

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Pointing and motioning for them to wrap their arms around each other, he then pointed to Quinton and Zander, who both lay on the bottom of the boat, unconscious. Keep your feet pressed against the walls. Sheets of rain pelted against his back. Blackness threatened to consume him. He had to hold on. He had no experience or knowledge of the sea. He had no clue how long this could last. All he knew was that if he passed out, they were all dead. Bushy Brows, the man they called Klaus, looked up at the computer team.

They have been traveling southwest in what appears to be a life raft cut out of a large chunk of ice. Zeph counted five bodies in the bottom of the boat. Four of them huddled around a fifth body that was laying still. Too still. The leader has slipped into unconsciousness probably from shock or infection from the wounds inflected by the bear. They also got tossed around by a mild storm for a while, but they managed to pull through it.

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There is a vessel on its way to intercept the life raft. Added in Mystery , Psychological Thriller. Carolyn Breckenship discovers the man she married, is not only mean, he is a serial killer. He sees her as a weak and stupid woman. She is not.