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The Mister. This book is very badly edited though with many, many typos to be found. Added to that the occasionally distressing choice of description. People's orbs were piercing. I'm not going to even examine the use of cleft.

A Tiger's Claim by Lia Davis - an Ashwood Falls book ( trailer ) shifter romance

I would feel like a hypocrite complaining about the insanely simplistic plot cause, you know, nobody reads these things for the plot. Except me. I think there's something wrong with me. This is a nice, brain-dead read if you're inclined that way. View all 34 comments. Dec 10, Jilly rated it really liked it Shelves: bear-shifter-smut , smut , werewolves-and-other-furry-shifters , paranormal-romance , funny.

Funny smut! Hey, don't judge me. I read all kinds of stuff. I'm an equal opportunity reader. As for, you know, talking to other people So, a little shifter smut was a fun diversion. And, a menage shifter-romance? It was like two times the fun! Sexually Oblivious Rhino is right. I would prefer Creme Brulee to two men also. It's a good trade-off. In this story, we have Naomi, a wolf-shifter, who finds her mateS in Ethan, a Kodiac bear-shifter, and Javier, a jaguar-shifter.

Now, don't think too hard about what the hell their kids will look like. It ain't pretty. He's just going through a phase. Think puppies on crack. Considering that I have been raising boys and dogs for years, I can understand her desire to want something in her world to be unbroken, unborrowed, unruined, unhairy, unchewed, undisappeared, and just fucking clean for once.

So, Naomi has decided that she will reject this whole mate thing and marry a nice safe human and have a clean and quiet life. Lol, Naomi! Are you really that naive? Human males make the messiest of roommates! I KNOW my husband thinks there is a magical sock fairy who picks up his dirty socks off the floor. He thinks he must be the cleaning fairies' favorite person by keeping them employed. He's so delusional that I've convinced him to leave them a "tip" for the holidays. Then, I use the money to buy another voodoo doll of him. Eventually, one will work. This is literally a photo of us last night.

Can't have smut without a ton of sex starring creepy genitalia adjectives that make you cringe. But, this one has the added bonus of being funny. Try to be a lady and no one listens. How can I NOT like this girl? View all 17 comments. Jan 02, Sammy Loves Books rated it really liked it Shelves: free-ebook , buttsex-anal-play , man-whore , menage , smokin-hot-drippin-wet , ebooks-i-own , shifters-are-hot , best-sex-ever , werewolves-rule , lendable.

Absolutely Loved this adorable, funny, hot as sin book!! Ethan, the adorable were-bear Ethan and Javier are shifters and best friends. Their friendship goes back eleven years to when they started playing lacrosse together in college. Now they are highly sought after professional lacrosse players. Ethan is the quiet, gentle giant, kodiak bear. He does hope to fall in love some day. Unfortunately for Ethan, a lacrosse pass he failed to catch has just knocked a woman in the stands unconscious.

Fate ha Absolutely Loved this adorable, funny, hot as sin book!! Fate has a crazy sense of humor, cause that woman just happens to be his mate. Javier, Sexy ass were-panther Javier is the hot as sin, tanned, were-panther. He's a man whore and proud of it. When his good looks and hot bod aren't enough to make the panties drop, he just melts them off with his smooth talking ways.

But meeting his mate has left him speechless. And the fact that she doesn't want him is messing with his head…both heads, Lol!! Naomi grew up in a house with five rowdy brothers. Fights broke out ALL the time. None of the dishes matched. Furniture was forever getting broken. Nothing was safe from their destruction. Well Naomi's sick and tired of it. She's a "delicate flower" dammit. And she's had it with the chaos! She has decided to marry a boring human. The nerdier the better.

But Fate has a little trick up her sleeve, by giving Naomi not one, but two shifter mates. And they are determined to seduce her into becoming theirs. What must Ethan and Javier do to win the heart of their stubborn she-wolf? How about romance and seduce her until no woman in her right mind could resist. I loved this story.

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It was comical, light hearted and fun to read. The main characters were likable and the secondary characters added the perfect touch. I loved Naomi's mom and how she conspired against her hard headed daughter to help her mates woo her. Oh and the story was Freakin Hot!! This was a freebie and I am so glad that it was, or I might not have ever known how adorably hot this series is.

I look forward to many more Eve Langlais books!! Jun 19, Laurie Garrison rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , shifter , requests , m-f-m , keepers , e-books-paranormal-erotic. She want to mate with a human, so when she finds her shifter mate by surprise it freaks her out. Then she finds she has not only one but two shifter mates, well needless to say she leads these two hot shape shifters down a wicked path because she wants no part of it. I recommend this novel to anyone how loves a fun erotic paranormal romance. Naomi shot him a glare. My friend dragged me to a lacrosse game, which, I might add, is not my idea of a good time in the first place, where some clumsy bear missed a ball causing me to get injured.

View all 7 comments. This was just okay for me. Needed it for a reading challenge. At first, some of the humor was working for me, but, soon enough, I could feel my rating slipping as I went.

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Let me be clear that I don't have a problem with smart, tough heroines who can kick ass, totally own their bitch side, and wield it when necessary. Hell, some of my favorite heroines fit this mold. But they need to have good reasons for their actions and know their own minds. Which brings us to Naomi. She was also extremely judgmental towards men who played rough sports which immediately put them in the 'stupid jock' category and towards other women the flirtatious ones were automatically bimbos and sluts This, of course, had me giving her the side-eye.

It was rather hypocritical in light of her going on and on about how she didn't want to have to deal with violent males, while constantly running around losing her temper, and then doling out both verbal and physical abuse. I guess that was supposed to be funny, but it's not my cuppa. As for the whole menage part of the equation, some of the courtship stuff was actually cute and funny. I liked how much Ethan and Javier wanted to love and please their fated mate.

I admired their patience with her brand of irrational and all the mixed messages, and how they did everything to woo, respect, protect and show her that she was the one. But the sex itself?

Delicate Freakn' Flower, Freakn' Shifters by Eve Langlais | | Booktopia

I just didn't find that aspect hot or romantic and found myself tuning out while listening though the narrator, Tillie Hooper, actually did a good job with this book. It totally can. These just weren't. Too much insert Tab A into Slot B, let's make a shifter sandwich, with language and descriptions that just left me wondering when it would be over.

But no judgement here for anyone out there who loved these particular smutty scenes and thought they were smokin'. As I often say, it's different strokes for different folks. And yeah, of course I know exactly how that sounds in this context, but it still applies. View all 10 comments. Jan 16, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: reviewed , m-read-menage , p-read-paranormal-romance.

I just couldn't make myself read the last stretch. View 1 comment. Jul 04, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , erotica , humor.

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I blame this book for my last sleepless night. I had too much fun reading it. Of course, I knew what would happen but I enjoyed seeing how mean Naomi, the main character, could be to practically everyone around her. She was incredibly blunt and at times cruel but it was so hilarious. Naomi is my hero! The entire thing had me snickering and laughing aloud much more than is common for these types of books. I had been meaning to read something by Langlais for awhile since she kept popping up on my I blame this book for my last sleepless night. I had been meaning to read something by Langlais for awhile since she kept popping up on my radar and if any of her other books are remotely this fun, then I will be plowing through them in due time.

This story is about three different shifters, with the whole menage and mate plot ever so popular these days. And I love the cover and title but is that a dead animal pelt draped across her shoulder? I find that rather strange, considering the shifter bit and everything. View 2 comments. Oct 01, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: bad-boys , shifters-bear , title-d , genre-erotica , genre-paranormal , own-kindle , fiesty-heroine , humorous , series , shifters-were. Not sure what possessed her, Naomi agrees to go to a lacrosse event with her best friend A wolf shifter, Naomi is used to violence, but she abhors it.

Naomi sees herself as a delicate flower, that is why she is determined to marry a human and not mate a shifter. Bear Shifter Ethan, knows Naomi is his mate on sight. He has been wanting to settle down and he knows the mate bond is rare, but his chosen mate's response is less than encouraging.

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Deciding to buck up and deal with it head on, he and his Not sure what possessed her, Naomi agrees to go to a lacrosse event with her best friend A wolf shifter, Naomi is used to violence, but she abhors it. Deciding to buck up and deal with it head on, he and his best friend jaguar shifter Javier had out to find Naomi.

Javier is laughing his ass off at the predicament Ethan has found himself in, a ladies man Javier can give Ethan a few pointers into smoothing his romantic path with his mate, until he realizes she is his mate too. How can fate have chosen him to have a mate, he has been playing the role of tomcat? Although once Javier gets a sample of her delicious temper, he has no doubt that she is the one. Ethan and Javier come up with a plan to tempt, seduce, and claim their mate.

Another kick myself read. Hilarious, loved all the characters and thought Naomi was an original, she is determined to stick by her guns about being delicate, but on the other hand she has no qualms throwing stuff at Ethan and Javier, taking pot shots when needed, and letting her temper fly when warranted. Can't wait to read the next one. View all 14 comments. Jun 21, Amber I.

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Holy hotness!! You may want to read this with a fan on you or have your husband close by. As with every book I have read from Eve you get a spunky girl, hot men, fun, adventure and some great ol' sex!! I really enjoyed this book and not only for the sexy scenes. You get 2 shape-shifters both destined for one feisty wolf.

Most wolves would love to find their soulmate but not her. She tries to fight it and the men try to prove that she needs them. We get a lot of built up sexual tension. But t Holy hotness!! But the men not giving up make it worth it in the end. Instead of going at it like bunnies when they wanted to they built a great relationship together and fell in love.

I would love to read more with these characters. I found her family so interesting. I loved how her brothers and dad where these big bad wolves until the Mom comes in and lets them know who is boss. Her mom was funny too when she would try to talk about her sex life to her daughter. That made me laugh. Great book. The story was awesome, the sex was awesome and I had a lot of fun reading it.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to read a sexy paranormal romance!! Heavy on the romance!! Shelves: erotica-romantica , interracial-romance , paranormal-romance , 5-andstar-ratings , reviews , on-kindle , erotica-pm , recommended-reads. I read my first book by Langlais, Wickedest Witch , last month and thought it was a pretty decent paranormal erotic romance.

So when I had the opportunity to get my hands on another one of her books I was like, hell yeah! Delicate Freakn' Flower follows Naomi, a self-proclaimed delicate flower. She wants a normal, intelligent and rich pacifist human for a husband. But fate tells her wants to kick rocks when it gives her not on I read my first book by Langlais, Wickedest Witch , last month and thought it was a pretty decent paranormal erotic romance.

But fate tells her wants to kick rocks when it gives her not one, but TWO shifter mates. Ethan and Javier were beyond delicious. Shy and tongue-tied when it comes to the opposite sex, romance is not in his vocabulary. I loved how gentle and caring he was with Naomi. The thoughtfulness of the gift he gave her after hearing one of her childhood stories conveyed how determined he was to make their unconventional relationship work.

As for Javier? So if you love shifter stories that will have your laughing so hard your stomach hurt I totally recommend that you one click this bundle right away you won't regret it. Nov 20, C. Tibbitts rated it it was amazing. I loved this Box Set. At some point, I got book 1 for Free. Of course, when I read it, I had to have the rest. So why not buy the sets? Devoured all three books in just a few days - which is not something I normally do.

My favorite was book 3. All stories do have one family in common a LOT of brothers, cousins, etc. Love it! I just bought the second box set. Aileen rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Katherine rated it liked it Apr 21, Stephanie rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Caroline rated it it was amazing Aug 18, Jill Merriott-Hasker rated it it was amazing Jan 07, Kaevel rated it it was ok Feb 17, Lynn Meger rated it it was amazing Apr 09, Rebecca rated it it was amazing May 04, Kitty rated it liked it Jun 04, Amy Closuer rated it it was amazing Jul 28, Jessica Hunter rated it really liked it Nov 22, Cyn Heaven rated it it was amazing Jun 10, Jeanna rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Danielle rated it it was ok Jun 23, Heidi rated it liked it Mar 06, Emily Temby rated it it was amazing Sep 05, Nicoletta rated it liked it Jan 07, Amy Hart rated it really liked it Oct 07, Debbie Mctighe rated it it was amazing Feb 15, April rated it it was amazing Sep 20, Belinda Lewis rated it really liked it Nov 16, Sandra rated it really liked it Oct 27, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Eve Langlais. Eve Langlais. I should warn you, I have a twisted imagination and a sarcastic sense of humor something I like to let loose in my writing. While well known for my shifter stories, I am also extremely partial to aliens, the kind who like to abduct humans and then drive them insane Or do you like something a little darker, more serious?

Then check out my cyborgs whose battle with humanity have captivated readers worldwide. Other books in the series.