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But before he can trust his own feelings and build a new life with Ella, she's gone, and he's left with a secret so big he can't even bear to tell his own family. Ella Ferguson is as independent as she is beautiful, and though she knows rich boys never last in the long run, she doesn't see the harm in a fling with Quinlan. After their amorous weekend threatens to become a lifelong commitment, she runs, figuring it's better to put Quin and her past behind her.

Then Ella discovers a secret of her own, and telling Quin may rip both their worlds apart. What neither of them realizes is that a malevolent man knows Ella's secret, and he'll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Afraid for her life and more alone than ever, Ella must learn to forgive herself before she can beg the forgiveness of the one man who can save her. Now it's up to Quinlan to overcome his stubborn pride in time to save Ella and the only thing that matters.

If I thought that was really the way southern women acted or talk I would have to petition the court to have my southern residence recanted. Ella is the most noxious, repetitive, weakling heroine ever used by Jaycee Clark!

I have enjoyed all the other books in the series but this one was not even close to the others. I got the impression that the phrase "my baby, my baby, someone took my baby" was used by Ella simply to annoy and fill in a word count. Trite and obviously not able to think for herself, Ella definitely not the usual strong-willed, but intelligent female character. Strong willed but stupid to the point of "oh my goodness, you didn't see that happening?

I listened to the end of the book only because I hate to leave a book unfinished and I hoped futility as it turned out that the end would somehow make up for the inanity of the rest.

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Alas, not so. My Review: Overall I was wrong. This book This book is written completely different from the others as there are events happening in present day and events happening in the past all in conjunction in the story. Every chapter takes place in a different timeframe with something incredibly shocking and shattering happening in that first chapter. Then you spend the next half of the book trying to figure out exactly how Quin and Ella got to where they were at in that first chapter.

It's an incredible way to write a book and it literally kept me riveted to the story. I could not walk away. As a reader and a writer, it was an incredible lesson in how to create and weave an unforgettable, completely suspenseful story. I cannot stress to you how good this book was. And I don't know what to say without giving anything away.

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I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that experience for any other reader. These characters, this story When I hit a book this good, I have a hard time sticking to just the audiobook, because I can read it so much faster. My hubby kept laughing at me on this one. Johanna Parker's narration was so good and her ability to express the emotion of the story was amazing. I couldn't walk away from the audiobook.

So I got where I would listen to the beginning of the chapter with audio, reading along on my kindle. Then I would stop and read the last half of the chapter with just my kindle. That way I was able to move it along faster without completely abandoning the incredible narration. So, so, so good. This entire series has been incredible, but this book was perfection.

I have loved getting to know the Kinncaids and am truly sad to let them go.

It's been a great series. Thank you to my friend, Amy, for pushing me to read this. It's taken me a couple of years to get to them, but that way I was able to read them all back-to-back A phenomenal series!! I enjoyed this book and the entire series. What made this story a little tough was the jumping around. I didn't care for that but the story once you figured what was going on when was pretty good. Each book is completely different and unpredictable which I find great when I read a series. What made the experience of listening to Deadly Secrets the most enjoyable?

I have enjoyed the entire series, some more than others but all have been great.

This one, Deadly Secrets, has been one of my favorites even though I waited and waded through all the others anxiously anticipating Ian's story - my very favorite. One story leads into another so don't start anywhere except with 1.

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What other book might you compare Deadly Secrets to and why? The other Kinncaid Brothers books. Which character — as performed by Johanna Parker — was your favorite? Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? Yes, when Quin finds out Ella's secret and struggles with forgiving. Any additional comments? Read 'em all folks, in order. Jaycee Clark is a great story-teller and for me, has all the elements of a really good to really great book.

I enjoyed the premise enough to wonder how in the world would they get the baby back. That's where most of my interest ended. Ella's indecisiveness before she was drugged and couldn't help it really worked a nerve. At first she seemed so independent and sure of herself, and that's when I really liked her personality. Then it was like her brain went on vacation and she became this indecisive, tstl, woman that was a complete degrees different from who she had been.

To me, there was so much more telling than showing in this story. Plus the ridiculous amount of introspection and second guessing made me get pretty sick of Ella and then Quinn to where I started skipping big chunks of parts and when I stopped skipping, I hadn't missed out on anything. I could pick the story right back up. Lastly, the way Quinn and Ella spoke.

So many times, in conversations throughout the story, it was in half sentences. It was as if they were incapable of completing a difficult line of thought. As much as he did that, I'm surprised he wasn't a stuttering bald man by the end of the book, and Ella was so much worse. I couldn't I gave this story a 2 even though I really liked the other stories in this series. I could only moderately connect with this one.

Had a really hard time finishing this audio, final in the Kinncaid series. What I can say to the second book of Deadly Secrets is it is very satisfying!!! I will recommend this book to my friends. This is the most captivating book ever! I was beyond captivated by the wonderful story it has. This was all the love and suspense you could need. The characters are strong and I fell n love by the sacrifices they made to protect each other as well as their relationship. They survived all the challenges and now I'm ready to go for the next book.

This is a very interesting series. Get a free audiobook. Written by: Alice Jamison.

Book Blitz: Deadly Secrets by Robert Bryndza #bookouture #review

Narrated by: Shawna Crawley. Length: 2 hrs and 11 mins. Categories: Romance , Paranormal. Publisher's Summary Surviving their deadly cruise, Elsa, Charles, and the remaining passengers are grounded on an island paradise. What members say. No reviews are available.

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Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Michelle I don't think I will ever forget this book Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about work. Stanley Not my usual style I usually listen to comedy books here in audible however I see that this book has good reviews so I'd give it a shot. Nathan Elizabeth Louise Rider Good reads!

William Villanueva Nerve-Wracking When something terrible happens I got tense and nervous. Darrin Perfection The story itself is much better than the first book of this novel. Vicente Satisfying as usual I have listened to the first book of this novel and it was really fantastic and intense.

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